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Project Management Services

For Clarke & Company planning, organisation, securing and managing resources to achieve the clients specific goals are the key elements to successful project management. A properly managed project will achieve all of the goals and objectives while honouring the preconceived constraints such as time and budget.

The roles and responsibilities of team members are clearly defined from the onset, along with the tasks, deliverables, and approvals that are expected for each of the project phases from school Employer, Project Manager and Building Contractor. Project outcomes benefit from clear expectations and communications throughout the process.

When selecting the contractors and seeking Tenders, we carry out a comprehensive review of financial details, information on resource allocation, health and safety qualifications of key personnel and references from previous Design Teams that the contractor has worked with and we review their performance on previous school build projects. We have substantial experience of all GCCC forms of contracts. On return of tenders we carry out a comprehensive check of all rates, in conjunction with the Quantity Surveyor and Design Team and we establish that the rates are achievable and that the contractor has not experienced financial difficulties on previous projects

Clarke & Company commit to each project they undertake to ensure that the budget, timescale and standards are met. The experience which we bring to the table for variety of project will ensure a cost effective future proof solution from conception to completion. All the disciplines required for this project are within the one practice ensuring a timely solution to all aspects of the build. Regular site meetings and monitoring the job will ensure that the budget and timescale are on target at all times and any issues that may arise are dealt with in a speedy and in competent manner.

Clarke & Company’s success is based on achieving highest quality at lowest cost for the shortest project completion time.

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